Photo Help

Adding a photo to your profile will dramatically increase the number of responses your receive. The below information will help you get the best results.

Photo Upload Criteria

  • You can upload JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF or PCX format.
  • The file size of your photo should not be bigger than 8 MB. There are no restrictions on the dimensions of the photo you upload. We will automatically resize it if it's too large, but we will not stretch it if it's too small.
  • You may upload a maximum of 10 photos.
  • To upload a photo, click on the 'Browse...' button in the Upload Photo section to locate and select your photo. Click on the 'Upload' button and you are done!
  • All photos are subject to approval by our support team before they're visible to others. Photos are usually approved by the following working day, however this may take longer at times of high upload volumes.
  • You may choose a square profile version for newly added photos. This will be used where smaller versions of your photos are displayed. (Note: The support team might override your selection if it's not suitable.)
  • Your main profile photo is first photo that others will see when they view your profile. It must be a recent of yourself only.
  • Photos you upload that we, at our discretion, deem too risqué will be approved for private use only.
  • If you repeatedly upload photos that do not meet our upload criteria, you may be permanently banned from uploading photos.
  • If you repeatedly upload the same photo it will be considered as a deliberate attempt to be featured in the Gallery in order to boost your popularity and will result in your profile being permanently banned from the Gallery and Popular Profiles list. Play nice and let others share the limelight!

The Do's and Don'ts when choosing your photo

Photo Do's
  • Show off your SMILE! A friendly face attracts much more attention.
  • Your main profile photo must be a recent, clear photo.
  • Upload photos showing a variety of aspects of your life.
  • Make sure your photo is the right way up.
  • A picture paints a 1000 words - use photos that show you at your best!
Photo Don'ts
  • Photos of pets, children or random objects on their own will not be approved.
  • Images of celebrities, cartoons, copyrighted material will be rejected.
  • Photos that contain personal contact information are not allowed.
  • Photos that are too small or of poor quality - too dark, bright, blurry, etc. - may not be accepted.
  • Sexually explicit, obscene or other material that we deem potentially offensive to others will be deleted.

Private Photos

Private photos are not visible to everyone. You can either set them to be visible to your Favorites or invite specific members to view them. Only members with a subscription will be able to view your private photos.

Here's how it works:

  • Photos you want everyone to see - select the 'Visible to Everyone' option.
  • For photos you only want your Favorites to see - select the 'Visible to my Favorites only' option.
  • For photos you only want to show a select few - select the 'Visible by Invitation only' option.
  • If you want no-one to see a specific photo - select the 'Hide this photo from everyone' option.